The preparations

Horn Dung (500)

Horn dung (500) to stimulate the growth of the vine.

The 500 promotes soil microbial activity and vertical rooting. The application must be done in the evening and not before 17h.

Photo : Horn Dung

Bouse de Corne

Horn Silica 501

To balance warm and humid periods: horn silica (501)

Horn silica (501) is made from finely ground silica crystals and buried in a cow horn during the summer period. The 501 makes it possible to accelerate / revive the growth of the vine.

It must be done while the vine is growing and before flowering. Biodynamic advisors give the 501 many qualities.

Uses :

- Firm plants, facilitates vertical growth and therefore trellising.

- Increases the resistance of the epidermis of the leaves and fruit.

- Improves nutritional quality and food preservation.

- Compensates for light deficits.

- Balances warm and humid periods too favorable for fungal diseases.

(Source Practical Guide to biodynamic P. Masson, Biodynamic Agriculture F. Bouchet)


Photo : Horn silica

Silice de Corne

Mode of preparation and application of horn silica and horn dung:

- In a dynamiser, heat 30-40 L of water (up to about 30 °) for one hectare, and add 4 g of horn silica or horn dung. This quantity of water per hectare is sufficient because it is not a question of wetting the vine but of achieving a fine mist above the vines.

- Energize for one hour.

- Direct the spray upwards so that it falls back on the foliage.

In addition to 4 to 5 sprays of 500 and 501, to decrease the doses of copper and sulfur we apply:

-horsetail decoction in the spring adding to each treatment, mixed with copper and / or sulfur, a simple or mixed herbal tea. We use, successively or in mixture: horsetail, nettle, osier, etc. and essential oils (rosemary, lemon orange ... etc.)

The addition of herbal teas helps reduce copper doses and reduce phytotoxicity

Photo : Dynamisation