Organic wine and biodynamic wine

The vines that we cultivate in Organic Agriculture and Biodynamics extend over 55 hectares. The wines we offer owe their richness to the various exposures and natures of the soil. Our various products are DEMETER and AB certified: find out more

Beyond organic cultivation, natural work without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or insecticides, biodynamic cultivation is a global approach that works on the enhancement of the soil and the plant in their natural environment.

Founded in 1924 by German philosopher Rudolf Steiner, Biodynamics can be summed up in three essential points:

  • The use of exclusively natural preparations (silica, cow dung, essential oil, plant infusions)
  • The application of these preparations at specific times in the lunar cycle: this is the dynamic part
  • Tillage



Observation of the effects of biodynamics

On floors

  • Better soil structuring. The water is immediately integrated into the soil
  • No erosion in the event of a storm (ease of plowing)

On the vine

  • Port of the vines with a lot of verticality, the tendrils point upwards
  • Flexibility and resistance of the vines (little or no topping, little heartbeat and absence of verjuice
  • Vines more aerated, grapes visible and clear
  • Very good sanitary condition

In wines

  • Very good balance: complete phenological maturity digestibility better wines are in harmony with the organism
  • The wines have more purity, balance and energy.


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